We all make mistakes, but should you be punished forever for a mistake. I don't think so!! We understand that mistakes happen and we offer services for sealing and expunging your criminal record in the Entire State of Florida. We offer reasonable fees and you can get started online, by sending us your request. 

The Attorney's Fees  Retainer Seal/Expunge                                                                $1,000.00

Application for Certificate of Eligibility   $75.00

Ordering Certified Copies from Clerk    $75.00

Fingerprint Fees paid by client varies

Clerk Fees                                                  $42.00

Letters Sent to Agencies                          $25.00

Courier and Handling Fees                      $35.00

We will charge $1,250.00 and  you pay to obtain your fingerprints. 

You must be eligible for Sealing or Expungement as determined by law. We will send you a link for payment and required forms for completion. Contact us. There are additional fees if a court hearing is required. If you have questions, call 954-315-1160  or email romainebrown1@gmail.com

Criminal Record Seals and Expungments


Romaine Brown, Esq.

Also contact us about a State of Florida Clemeny/Pardon Petitions and Federal Commutation of Sentence or Full Pardosn