We understand that a Divorce is a painful process and we are here to help you through the process.

We handle all contested matters in Family Court and Dependency Court including

Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage

Simple Divorce, No Assets, No Debts

Debt, Assets and Partition of Property

Time Sharing/Parenting Plans

Name Changes, Contested Matters

Supplemental Petitions for Modification

You have  20 days to file an answer to a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. If you need a consultation please contact us below or at romainebrown1@gmail.com

We also handle Simplified and Uncontested Divorces

No Assets, No Alimony, No Debts, No Alimony Divorce Non Contested Divorce

You can start the process of Divorce with no assets, no children and no debts or Real Property online  and no alimony here, If you can't make it into the office we can provide a phone consultation, or email questions to

romainebrown1@gmail.com, We'll start the process and email documents to you.

Fees include Filing Fee and processing, $450.00

Service of Process, from 65.00 -$100.00 for publication

Attorney's Fees $from $995 to $1500.00 depending on the issues

no litigation


Contact me at romainebrown1@gmail.com to discuss your options, We offer document preparation and review of settlement agreements and pre marital agreements

Divorce & Family Law


Romaine Brown, Esq